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Using superior reproduction technology such as Cruse line scanners, printtextures® produces unique high-resolution print data of a wide range of structures, walls, stone, wood and, weaves. Never before achieved data sizes up to 4 GB, with 75 to 300 dpi and original image sizes of up to several square metres, make it possible to print on almost any surface in a previously unknown resolution and quality, using modern inkjet digital print systems.

The remarkably fine resolution of the decor data offered by printtextures® and the unsurpassed 3D- character of the motifs open up whole new levels of quality and creativity for designers, architects, advertising professionals and digital printers. Whether it´s a stone look you´re looking for, wood textures, other natural materials, or any one of the other many choices, superb results are guaranteed every time when digital printing for a whole range of applications, e.g. trade-fair stands, floors, furniture, home textiles, on metal, ceramics and plastics. Choose printtextures® decors and put the competition in the shade!


Why printtextures?

unsurpassed level of 3d details
up to 4GB .jpg, >10000px x > 10000px
extraordinary motifs
suitable for floors, wallpapers, walls

Millimeter accuracy: line by line!

The perfect reproduction of surface structures (textures) of particular weaves, materials or fabrics is a major technical challenge. 
The principle of the line scanner is regarded as the absolute best capture technique with the highest standards of quality and service.

Printtextures guarantees even exposure and linear scanning of the motifs, and in terms of contrast and color intensity, it far surpasses even the best cameras available on the market. In order to be able to professionally “tile” or repeat an image for large areas, this fine difference in image quality is of crucial importance. The HD print data of Printtextures are almost exclusively digitized using a high-resolution line scanner and most of the designs are repeatable!
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